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Define low-down. low-down synonyms, low-down pronunciation, low-down translation, English dictionary definition of low-down. or lowdown adj. 1. Despicable; base: a low-down coward. 2.

Here’s the lowdown on how to arrange one, but first we’ll explain exactly what is a destination wedding. A destination.

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7) And last but not least, a John Waters tour of Baltimore would not be complete without a stop by Club Atlantis (615 Fallsway, 410-727-9099), a low-down gay club with erotic dancers where the infamous teabagging scenes in Pecker were filmed (real performers from the club were used).

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(Bloomberg) — Want the lowdown on European markets. of future Roundup suits tied to other ailments. Bayer’s definition of.

Something that’s described as low-down is sleazy, like a cheater’s low-down tricks for winning every game of poker. If you get the low-down, that means you have the inside scoop. So, if you’re playing poker with a low-down cheater, get the low-down so you can outsmart him!

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An openly heterosexual man who engages in sex with other men without disclosing it to his female partner(s) down low, downlow (downl) [Slang, short for on the down low, to keep a secret, in secret], DL

Living on the downlow Black community slang for black men secrect homosexual activity

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LOW DOWN "CROOKED ASS BADGES" FEAT. MICKEY D, HURRIKAINE J, LIL WYNO, NEVER low-down (comparative more low-down, superlative most low-down) (idiomatic, slang, US) Of no value. 1922, A. M. Chisholm, A Thousand a Plate Seemingly here was an intruder who was violating custom. Moreover, the partners had come to look upon this exceedingly rich district as their exclusive property. And so their indignation was extreme.

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