7-UP Commercial featuring Geoffrey Holder All the 90s kids know him from the fun animated ads he was featured in and must have owned a dozen or more collection of the various merchandise he was seen in, including 7Up-shaped erasers that.

7UP Commercial 2017 – Couple on a Yacht with 2 Chainz. The 30-second spot features a couple in the desert and on a yacht, with the woman sitting next to the grammy award-winning american rapper 2 Chainz, who says he’s got a helicopter. "You know 7UP goes great with punch, but try mixing it up with fresh-cut fruit and sangria.

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* 7up is clear, Coke is dark * Diet seven up has less aspartame than diet Coke * 7up is citrus, Coke is not * 7up does not have caffeine or caramel coloring. Besides THE WIZ, perhaps the most ubiquitous and recognizable of all the properties in Holder’s vast resume are his many commercials as the pitchman for soft drink 7UP, "The Uncola.

Here’s what went down: Last week, it seemed Marlee wouldn’t be able to get former 7UP commercial star Geoffrey Holder to appear in her commercial. However, his contractual issues were resolved and he.

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Cherry 7UP. Pick up a 7UP Cherry with all-natural cherry flavor for a crisp, clean, refreshing taste!

These product comparison ads worked so well that Coca-Cola responded by creating the slightly sweeter (and wildly unpopular) New Coke. However, while the brands no longer call each other out directly.

7UP ads were very family friendly in the 1950s, this ad from 1952. Ad from 1963. 7-Up’s demographic was becoming older in the sixties. The company aimed ads to teenagers but to no avail.

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Geoffrey Holder, a multi-talented artist who was a dancer, choreographer, painter and actor, a Tony Award-winning director and designer, a memorable James Bond villain and a longtime TV commercial.

In Part 7 of the Commercial Cinematography Series I breakdown the next set up in our TVC highlighting how Kino Flos helped to craft the final outcome.

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